Yazılım şirketleri ve felsefeleri

Excel Basic proje yöneticisinin Bill Gates ile inceleme toplantısı

Ama nasıl patron:

  • “… to keep an accurate count of how many times Bill said the f… word”
  • “how strange it was that he had two legs, two arms almost exactly like a regular human being.”
  • “Bill Gates was amazingly technical.He understood Variants, and COM objects…..”
  • “he just wants to make sure you’ve got it under control”

Google programcısından “içeriden bilgiler”

  • ” they assume that programmers can manage their own time”
  • “abusing logins is a fireable offense”
  • “if engineers need something special from the IT teams, it tends to get done”
  • “theres a strong undercurrent of give the coders the tools they want and get the hell out of the way”

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